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    In the printing world, Canon has its own place significantly. Canon printers are popular because of the quality they give and various user-friendly features. Canon printers are available with multi-function features you can take print documents, photos and photocopy too. In fact, a single printer can be use by multiple computers in a define network. There are few problems used to occur with printers; Canon printers are also no different from other. The few common errors experience by users are paper jam, driver error, unable to print and low ink cartridge. The Canon printer experiences error B200 very frequently which is because of ink cartridge; you can easily fix it with help of these given tips.


    Error B200 on Canon Printer

    When you install ink cartridge in your Canon printer or replace an old one with new then this error occurs. This is because of your cartridge is not installed properly or not proper contact of cartridge with ink or this could be due to some technical problem while cleaning it. You need to make sure to install ink cartridge properly with a branded one.


    Error B5400 on Canon Printer

    When your Canon printer shows error B5400 then the problem is related with abnormal internal temperature of a printer. If you want to fix it then remove cartridge unit or printer head and logic-board carefully and then try to reset it once again properly. But if the error still persists then you can contact our Canon Printer service toll-free number for instant help.


    Error 9000 on Canon Printer

    When there would be some problem with USB over-current issue of your Canon printer then it shows Error 9000; to avoid this you need to make sure that don’t give numerous of commands in a single run. If you find any such error displaying; then you can connect our Canon Printer service team on this toll-free number for quick help.


    Error 5110 on Canon Printer

    Your Canon printer gives Error 5110 when it cartridge is not moving up and down properly. If this functioning creates problem then you should check if any remaining papers or other materials inside the cartridge that jams its movement in right direction. But if this problem persists once again then you need to replace the cartridge unit or system unit with new.


    Error 6A90 on Canon Printer

    When there is some problem with paper feeding or purging with your Canon printer; you will get this Error 6A90 message. You can check paper debris or other trapped materials in it then remove it immediately. Also check if any paper jammed in it then remove it too. This will sort the error but if there is some problem then you can connect our Canon Printer support team on this toll-free number for quick help.


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